• Crude Oil
• Steel
• Export and import of industrial equipment
• Other commodities


  • Strategy development and market access support
  • Local operations support
  • Exclusive company representation


  • Investments in capital projects, equity investments and project development
  • Investments in industrial real estate

Engineering and Design

Our Partner is one of Germany’s leading companies in the construction and soil engineering sectors. For more than 40 years, they have been designing bridges and tunnels, and developing high-performance motorway and railway solutions. With us, the client will have the support of a competent and reliable partner on their side. We implement their projects at the highest quality, reliability and integrity.


We’re in partnership with a civil engineering and general construction company specializing in roads, dams, real estate development and civil engineering works. The successful construction approach is based on a combination of utilizing company-owned resources, aggressive subcontractor administration, accurate cost control, and low overhead. The direction provided is based on a thorough knowledge of the industry, the clients’ specific needs, and the market.



Our Partner is an integrated construction group that provides investment and financing, design planning, engineering, construction, equipment manufacturing and operation management for hydraulic and hydro-power projects and infrastructure. Its principal businesses include electric generation plant engineering and construction (including survey, planning, design and project contracting), ecological and environmental governance for water, development and operation of other resources, real estate development and operation, and the manufacture and lease of related equipment.

All projects are done under the authorization of the relevant national ministries/commissions. Our Partner also undertakes functions such as national planning and review of hydro-power, wind power, solar power and other clean energy and new energy sources.

Structured Products & Securization

Our Partner is one of the leading German providers of tailored investment solutions in the structured products and alternative investments market. The goal is to generate added value for our clients in the context of portfolio, risk and return. Structured products offer new investment opportunities and payouts and thereby enable clients to manage portfolio, risk and return in a tailor-made manner across all asset classes and underlying. We arrange for a bespoke securitizations and manage the full process for you.

Demining & Mine clearance

The Demining Sector, which was formed within the Demining group, is registered, technically equipped and staffed for humanitarian demining operations.
The Demining Sector has 100 full-time experts from various fields, which covers all activities necessary for the efficient operation of the sector. 

Basic activities of the sector:
- Demining of minefields
- Deep field survey

Other demining activities:
- UXO land clearance
- Underwater demining
- UXO geophysical survey
- Visual inspection
- Removal of the detected UXO